加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)


由于惹上官非,黄名志(NameWee)无法亲自出席拿奖。他本人还在脸书留言,感謝台灣YOUTUBE (GOOGLE) 對我的肯定,和一路以來支持我的創意與言論自由。非常抱歉, 我因為在馬來西亞言論“過度”自由而被判刑三個月, 不能隨意出入鏡, 所以這次沒有辦法親自到台灣去領獎。但也因為這樣讓這個“獨立音樂獎”更別具意義! 謝謝台灣的朋友,我會更努力創作,也會更努力爭取說話的權利! Kop koon krap!!! 感恩。~ 黄名志(NameWee)

I would like to thank Taiwan YouTube (Google) for presenting me THE BEST INDEPENDENT MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR (2014) Award. It is such an honour. I would also like to thank those who have supported my works and freedom of speech throughout the years. Please accept my sincerest apology for failing to attend this prestigious prize giving ceremony. As a result of being too outspoken, I was sentenced for a period of three months in Malaysia which limits me from attending any public events at this moment. However, that has only made this award even more special and meaningful to me!!! Thanks Youtube! Thanks Google! Thanks Webtvasia! Thanks Taiwan! GAMXIA!~黄名志(NameWee)


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加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)

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Red People Stories writes about the stories of RED PEOPLE (a.k.a Famous People in the Internet) across coutries from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and all over the world.

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