Leng Yein被马航服务人员骂:“Kurang Ajar”!!猴年第一天被骂到衰!!网络疯传!

加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)

大马人工美女林云(Leng Yein)抵达马来西亚机场遇见服务不好的马航,直接就好言相劝,不知却被服务态度不好的工作人员骂:“你不喜欢,就投诉我吧!”,林云非常不满,在脸书分享,被网友分享到爆!!不懂马航人员会不会被人肉出来呢?

First thing i arrived Malaysia, this guy showed me the worst side of how a Malaysian behave. An indian passenger in front of me was walking to gate as we disembark just as i am, this Abdullah guy (650620045029) just stopped the guy using hand rudely with annoyed face (like he had a bad day), the passenger was shocked, so am i, then Abdullah say "WHERE YOUR TICKET" (Bad English and i dont know how he qualified as a ground staff with such attitude omg. Then the passenger got upset with Abdullah's attitude and walks off and i was behind him showing him my ticket and he says "Kurang Ajar!" ... Jesus !!! Right at my face ?!!! Omggg !!! My first minute in Malaysia for Chinese New Year and u have nothing better to say Abdullah ? I told him "How can a service line be so rude?" Abdullah replied :"You dont like, u complaint lah!" 
Abdullah, i hope u have a nice life ahead for treating Malaysia Airlines Passengers like they r ur pet that u can shout at. Well, we are not. Learn how to respect passengers and learn your manners. Jesus ! My Chinese New Year first word from a Malaysian ... Sigh

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加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)

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