RED PEOPLE 一日店长 幕后花絮 ROOM8008 KL Times Square!!

加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)
大家快来看那天一日店长(第一次的哦)在ROOM 8008,Michiyo Ho 和 May Ng, 担任一日店长,虽然价钱不菲(想知道一日店长的收费吗?点击这里),不过这花絮做得很不错哦~ 大家可以在以下观看影片哦~

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加入我们的面子书吧 (红人の故事)

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Red People Stories writes about the stories of RED PEOPLE (a.k.a Famous People in the Internet) across coutries from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and all over the world.

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